Investment Approach

Investment Philosophy & Objectives

A Balanced Mix of Safety, Risk and Return

Our overriding investment philosophy is focused on long term capital growth with asset preservation as a guiding principle, by taking measured risks and making use of available financial instruments, combining traditional and alternative investments, while maintaining a balanced mix of safety, risk and return.

A Structured Process

  • Diversification in major financial markets and currencies with a clear definition of the investment strategy, based on careful analysis of global political, economic and monetary inter-relationships.
  • Support from recognized research, mainly from prime investment institutions, together with other external resources.
  • Quality, credit rating and liquidity analysis is applied for the investments’ selection.

Discretionary Mandate

The Asset Manager is entrusted with the active management of the investor’s portfolio and the responsibility to tailor all investment decisions to the investor’s stated requirements and risk tolerance.

Non-Discretionary Mandate

Mandate offered for investors who want to be actively involved in the management of their portfolios. Investment decisions are reached with the investor through an exchange of information and discussion with Hyposwiss Advisors’ team.

A Balanced Portfolio

A Balanced Portfolio is a combination of potential capital gain and income, with appropriate limitation of risk through balancing investments between equity and bonds in various currencies, either directly or through funds.

Asset allocation represents the most critical part of the investment process and is a significant determinant of portfolio performance.

Mutual and Alternative Funds

  • Investments in Funds provide efficient global exposure to major equity, fixed income, currency and commodity markets, as well as to innovative investment strategies.
  • The process of selecting and investing in today’s Funds managed by external experts is as demanding as investing directly in stocks or bonds.
The choice of currencies, the balancing between equity and bonds in different markets, a selection of Mutual and Alternative Funds, represent a continuous process of taking advantage of opportunities associated with sound performance and stability.

Approach & Methodology

Core Business: Wealth Management

  • Capital preservation with long term growth objective
  • Continuity and consistency in client relationships, based on trust and transparency
  • Creative and reliable tailor-made portfolios subject to investor’s stated objectives and risk tolerance
  • Risk monitored on a regular and timely basis
  • Access to a large universe of third-party investment opportunities, including funds and alternative products
  • Structured and disciplined investment process in compliant global assets
  • Investment perspective sensitive to investor residency and currency-base

Portfolio Management

Asset Management Mandates

  • Fee based on AUM
  • Incentive to steady asset growth
  • Alignment of incentives
  • Investors: US Residents – US Citizens – Canadian Residents

Third-Party Custodian Banks

Our cooperation with international custodian financial institutions facilitates the administrative process and ensures a proper separation of functions and independent valuation of the assets.

  • Assets are held in custody with qualified custodian banks
  • The client independently selects and contracts with his choice of a qualified custodian bank
  • Impartiality: no conflicts of interest
  • Cross-monitoring
  • Fee-structure based on client’s choice (‘all-in’ or ‘trade based’)